• NKA = Intelligent Sanctioning

    Intelligent Sanctioning means staying focused on the growth of our sport, while maintaining stability. It means creating a quality system for promoters that benefit all of karting. It means 'Trak'...

What is Trak?

Trak blends superior products and simple execution to create a powerful set of tools that work for every level of karting event.  Trak benefits not just the promoter but the entire sport through our concept of intelligent sanctioning.

The essence of Trak are the 'products' that make it up.  Event insurance, rules and regulations, event software, membership, educational media, and up to date news are at the core of Trak.  While each product can be used independently, when combined they become a truly power system.

Trak Includes;

  • TrakPASS:  Kartings #1 Pit Pass Program
  • TrakBOOK:  The rules and regulations that are leading karting forward
  • TrakDAY:  NKA's revolutionary Event Management Software
  • TrakCARD:  The membership program that works
  • TrakMEDIA:  Videos and instructional podcasts to make your promoting stand out
  • TrakNEWS:  Updates on NKA and the sport

To learn more about each component of Trak, click the boxes below.  And then contact the NKA to join the hundreds of tracks, clubs, and series that are already on TRAK!


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