At the NKA, we’re committed to developing not only the highest technical standards in karting, but also working to ensure that these standards are met through the technical inspection procedures and tools we create.  This isn’t important just for us or NKA events, but the sport as a whole and we take that responsibility seriously.

The NKA Technical Group is pleased to announce that it has developed a new tool to check the tolerance of the valve bowl height of NKA approved stock clone heads.  This has been a very difficult measurement to tech, and we’re excited to get this new procedure into the field.

This tool has been benchmarked against legal stock head measurements by the NKA Technical Group.  Any head measured in tech must measure +/-.005 against the stock head measurement.

The NKA will be utilizing the valve bowl height tool beginning with this weekend’s Maxxis Nationals and will continue with any NKA sanctioned national event.  We’re working diligently to get the tool into full production, and will announce when they are available.

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