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Following additional extensive review, the NKA 4 Cycle Tech Group has elected to suspend the following rule for the remainder of the 2017 competition season; Spring Square Check Springs must be within .040” tolerance on the length as measured from two points that are 180 degrees opposite. This check is effective July 1, 2017

At the NKA, we’re committed to developing not only the highest technical standards in karting, but also working to ensure that these standards are met through the technical inspection procedures and tools we create.  This isn’t important just for us or NKA events, but the sport as a whole and we take that responsibility seriously.

The NKA Technical Group is pleased to announce that it has developed a new tool to check the tolerance of the valve bowl height of NKA approved stock clone heads.  This has been a very difficult measurement to tech, and we’re excited to get this new procedure into the field.

This tool has been benchmarked against legal stock head measurements by the NKA Technical Group.  Any head measured in tech must measure +/-.005 against the stock head measurement.

The NKA will be utilizing the valve bowl height tool beginning with this weekend’s Maxxis Nationals and will continue with any NKA sanctioned national event.  We’re working diligently to get the tool into full production, and will announce when they are available.

At the NKA, we believe that a strong set of operational and technical rules is critical for the health of our sport.  To make sure that our technical program maintains the standards we expect, we’re pleased to announce the first annual NKA Technical Summit.

The summit will be an opportunity for the NKA Technical Group to come together to discuss any new developments and changes as we work to finalize revisions for the 2017 edition of TrakBOOK, and are a deeper review of items that are covered during monthly technical conference calls.

The Technical Group will also review items that have been submitted for inclusion into our existing rules.  If you would like to submit an item but have not done so yet, you will need to do so by October 24.

If you intend to submit an item, but would like further information, please contact the NKA at, or call our office at 317.774.7021.

The 60 day junior restrictor evaluation period has concluded.  The evaluation was a joint effort between the NKA, Tri-State, Mid-Atlantic, and National Karting League.

Improving safety, the goal of the evaluation, can take many forms.  This evaluation focused on the size of the restrictor, but it started a conversation about other areas that need to be improved or clarified.  In conjunction with this evaluation, we also reviewed safety gear, additional performance data, class ages, track sizes and preparation, and rough/over-aggressive for many NKA facilities and events.  All of these categories contribute to the overall safety of an event.

The conclusions of the evaluation are as follows;


Effective immediately, the restrictors for all Junior classes in those three series will revert to the original plate sizes; JR 3 - Blue, JR 2 - Purple, JR 1 – Green.

For large and/or high grip tracks, we strongly urge the use of the small pipes.

For weekly facilities that changed the plate sizes; if you feel that the change was a positive move for your facility we urge you to continue.


NKA officially recognized class ages are as follows;

JR 3 12-15

JR 2 10-12

JR 1 8-10

Not holding to this defined age criteria for JR racers allows for a wide mix of physical strength, skill, decision making aptitude, and aggressiveness and could easily contribute to any number or types of incidents.  It is critical that young racers compete against those of similar age and aptitude.


The evaluation concluded that many facilities are not properly enforcing the use of approved helmets.  We have created the NKA Helmet Certification Program that supplies NKA approved helmet stickers and instructions on how to evaluate helmets that we will supply free of charge to all NKA events, with many already having taken advantage.  Regardless if a facility uses the certification program or not, it is the responsibility of the racer to use an approved helmet at all times during an event.


In many parts of the country a culture has developed that has resulted in a significant amount of rough/aggressive driving, with intentional contact being allowed on a regular basis.  Not surprisingly, this is the likely the prime contributor to many incidents involving not just junior drivers, but all drivers.

If safety is truly a concern, we urge all of our facilities, series, and events to take rough driving and intentional contact seriously, and begin utilizing the black flag.

We’d like to personally thank all of the junior drivers and their parents for working with us and the three series during this evaluation.  Reducing incidents involving junior drivers continues to be a goal of ours, and we’ll continue the process of evaluating adjustments for the 2017 season.  The continuing evaluation will not have any further impact on 2016 events.


The NKA Helmet Certification (free to our awesome tracks) is now available for all NKA sanctioned facilities and series.  To order, email the necessary quantity to, or contact our office at 317-774-7021.

The Helmet Certification Kit comes with stickers, instructions for how to tech the helmets, what the approved helmets are, and how to inspect the D-Ring for proper installation.

This innovative program is limited to NKA sanctioned facilities only.  Not a part of the NKA yet?  Call us today and don’t get left in the dust…

2016 NKA Approved Helmets and Certification DRing Visual

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