The NKA Helmet Certification (free to our awesome tracks) is now available for all NKA sanctioned facilities and series.  To order, email the necessary quantity to, or contact our office at 317-774-7021. The Helmet Certification Kit comes with stickers, instructions for how to tech the helmets, what the approved helmets are, and how to […]

The NKA Safety Group has created the following graphic that shows the proper placement of the ‘D-Ring’. Note that the D-Ring should not be placed in the red area, as it will put stress on the area that is meant specifically for protection.  The D-Ring should also not be mounted to the helmet strap bolt.  […]

Bartlett, Lyles, Jump New Additions to NKA Technical Group As the technical side of the NKA continues to grow and evolve, we’ve been able to add three new members to our Technical Group, and these guys bring some serious street cred. We’d like to officially welcome Johnny Bartlett and Randall Lyles to the NKA 4 […]

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